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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 11, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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vitriol and anger taken out in this form and how much it costs them. >> chris hayes is up next. >> tonight on "all in." >> violence will not be tolerated. >> the governor of missouri announces the national guard is on standby as ferguson braces for a grand jury decision. >> when the announcement is made, there's no amount of force keeping people from the streets. >> today's escalation in ferguson. then, president bernie sanders? the independent from vermont makes a big campaign move and he's here to explain. plus, overrun by protesters. how do drug cartels gain such a stronghold on a mexican government? and america is now officially ebola-free. good thing we didn't freak out about all of that. >> ebola or isis or ebola on the backs of isis could come through our border?
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>> "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. the national guard is officially on standby in anticipation of the grand jury's decision of whether or not to indict darren wilson who came earlier today at a rather stunning press conference called by missouri governor. has continued to be part of our available when we determined it is necessary to support local law enforcement, quite simply, we must and will be fully prepared. >> flanked by top regional police officers will not be toll rated. >> immediately following michael
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brown's death, marred by senseless acts of violence and destruction. vandals smashed the windows of small businesses, set fire to stores, endangered citizens exercising their first amendment rights. >> over the past several weeks, speculation has been rampant that a grand jury decision is coming any day. that anticipation has been fuelled in part by a grand jury. a speculation so intense that bob mccullough wrote a letter yesterday saying any and all claims of an announcement, especially social media are ranked social media and should be ignored. the people across the state and
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world are reporting that 461 felony suspects had been killed last year alone. at a u.n. panel saying their son was treated as "less than human." brown's parents pled for peace but said the protests will continue. >> we understand that our son is gone, but the movement will be that we're trying to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else, that no one else has to feel how we feel. so, yes, the protests will carry on. >> the brown family told msnbc that the police are getting ready for war and they should be getting ready for a trial. that, to me, says they already made their decision. police and activists are bracing for that decision. the guardian reported last
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movant that the st. louis county police have spend $130,000 among activists for officials to agree to rules of engagement, including 48 hours notice of the grand jury decision and safe zones. and in ferguson, businesses have been getting ready and many residents are preparing for the worst. >> if history is any indication of what's going to happen when this verdict or, you know, this announcement comes down, it's going to be pandemonium. we are preparing for the worst. >> but for a local gun supply shop, preparing for the worst means business is good. gun sales tripled over the last weekend alone. >> august, there was fire in the streets, there was protesting, there was looting, there was rioting, there was damage to property. people saw an isolated neighborhood being attacked. those folks in that neighborhood want firearms to protect themselves, right? now we don't know where the attack is going to come from. we don't know what violence is going to be. so the fear of the unknown has
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got the entire metropolitan st. louis area afraid. they're literally afraid because they don't know if it's their neighborhood or their next door neighbors'. >> trymaine lee, great to have you here. that interview, you could do a whole block on that interview. on one level, you've got folks in the metro area who are scared about rioting. let's keep in mind, there wasn't a ton of that. in the grand scheme of things, that was fairly limited. you have folks in ferguson, the other community, fearful of what the decision will be. and all of that just sits over the whole metro area. >> now, for the better part of a decade, that will cover all manner of unrest. now, you can expect it to return. but when you look at law enforcement, the kind of building over there, the arsenal weaponry, you look at the past
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weekend, the gun sales tripling. you hear that gun owner saying we don't know where the protesters are going to be. they could be your neighbor. this kind of speculation and fear is really troubling. even at the very beginning, we didn't see wholesale, 500, 600 people turning on police. >> we're going to play foot age footage later in the show it's just on another planet compared to the kind of thing we saw in ferguson. everyone is keeping in mind what we saw the first time around. even the press conference to me today was a symbol of how strange this process has been. no one thinks there's going to be an indictment. no one. you can't find anyone. and in preparation for the announcement, it was just so bizarre. but also a kind of acknowledgment that, yeah, we sort of feel like we know where this is going. >> also, that kind of hard-lying
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tone. that we're saying we're going to protect property and protect lives. but meanwhile, there's this hard dividing line between those out there protesting and those fighting for their first amendment rights and expressing themselves. the good people of that region, which, again, is very troubling. those same people on the one side of the line are going to that gun shop and buying up all the guns. so what happens when 500 people do take to the streets if there is not an indictment. will they be met with rubber bullets? >> and i think if we played back what happened to ferguson the first time around, often, the more forceful and provocative police action were -- that sort of set the tone for the tenner of how protesters would act. it always seemed to be initiated by police shows of force. and what you have here is you've got spending announcements that makes you think they're going to come out heavy. >> right. and you thought maybe this would be a moment that the government would come out and say listen, we're going to do everything
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possible to make sure everyone has the opportunity to peacefully exert their first amendment rights. that's not what the tone was. the tone was, you act up, we're cracking heads. that's the kind of big take away. >> and the other thing about this, you and i were talking about this. we're reporters, right? i don't want to get out ahead of the facts. you and i are talking only because of the sources that you and i both have think that. but, am i wrong? have you talked to anyone who thinks there's going to be an indictment here? >> i haven't. but are we caught up in this vacuum? >> right, a self-fulfilling prophesy. >> exactly. exactly. maybe testifying wednesday or thursday, perhaps. and so there's still -- they haven't come to their decision unless the governor knows something we don't, a decision has not been made yet. >> that's the question, i think, right? the question of do they know something we don't.
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when i talked to folks in the community and the activists and just community members, the sense the fix is in, which i'm not saying that's true, i'm saying the perception of the process has been very much that. this pours fuel on that fire. clearly, they all know and they're all meeting about it. and they're just going to make their preparations and announcement. >> it almost seemed like every step along the way, people in the community and resident and protests will say this, we don't trust them. or they've been ill-treating black folks for a long time. we can't trust the prosecutor and then there's all of these leaks from the grand jury. it's almost like the folks in charge are giving every opportunity for those who doubt the system to maintain those believes. >> that's a great point. every time things are met with distrust towards the authorities, the institutions that are charged with seeing out the law there, they respond with
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misfiring that trust. >> joining me now, jeff smith and advocacy of the new school, author of "ferguson: black and white." let's talk about -- i want to talk about this tweet from our own alex siets wald. and he made a great catch which is an nra hat that he's wearing there. member of the nra, i'm not going to tell him what he should wear. but there just seems to be so much bound up. when you look at the gun sales tripling and your deep knowledge of the politics of that area, what are you thinking? >> not a lot of people know this. i think we talked about this a couple months ago. james knowles was the head of the young republicans in saint lewis. it seems a little incongruous that an area with a population that's nearly 70% black would elect a conservative, republican mayor who brags about his allegiance to the nra. that's where we are right now.
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and the pace of the demographic change has rendered it a town where the actual people who live there are not represented very well in the corridors of power. >> you and i have been talking all throughout this, and you've been invaluable in your political stance. from a political standpoint, what was he doing there? what was he trying to accomplish? who was he talking to? >> i think he's talking to the median citizen of the area. when you try to understand governor nixon, you have to understand where he came from and how he spent his political career. he was a conservative democratic state senator, strongly pro-life, pro-gun, a county in which i would guess right now, 90% of the people living there probably sympathize with darren wilson.
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>> he was a law and order guy for 16 years. >> yeah. they called him the eternal general instead of the attorney general because he served four terms. usually, texas, virginia and missouri would be the three states that executed more people than any other states in the country. so what you saw today was a continuation of his long, political career. he's always been a law and order kind of guy. you didn't see a lot of self reflection or introspection today about some of the mistakes that were made a few months ago. you just saw a continuation of the hard line. >> you're very plugged in to the political class. what are those discussions like? what do you think is going through the heads of people there? what's so strange about this, clearly, everyone is in preparation and have been in preparation for two months. >> i don't think what we saw today is indicative of a lot of conversations going on in the corridors of power of st. louis. people in the mayor's office are
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very acutely aware of the deeper issues at stake here. they're working very hard, not just on employment issues among young males, they're working on educational disparities, they're working very hard to try to get a police community. there are substantive conversations taking place around the city to get at the root cause of some of this anger. >> there's this harkening back to a silent majority of law and order that's very familiar with the name nixon floating around that we're seeing here when you talk about the median voter, it's important for folks to understand that the preponderance of folks probably in metro st. louis are worried about rioting and whatever the grand jury decides is probably the right thing. >> yeah, that's not just speculation. there have been surveys of saint lewis county. about two-thirds don't see this as being indicative of a
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hume and chinese president-holding bilateral medians before his departure from ag's. trade come on, a change and global security, both are about to address. the chinese president is speaking right now. let's take a listen.
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>> the agreement on developing the relations, we agreed to continue to advance the development and a new model of country missions between china and the united states. we have had in-depth discussions on the priority areas for advancing such relationships. we agree to accelerate to the negotiations and will make efforts to reach agreement on the core issues of the treaty text. and to initiate the negotiations in 2015. we have reached agreement on the expansion negotiations, and we are ready to work together for the only conclusion of bilateral
8:20 pm
talks. we fully recognize the document signed between the two departments of defense on building two major confidence-building measures and agree to continue the mutual trust on that basis and develop a new type of military between the two countries. we issue a joint statement on climate change and announce our post 20/20 targets. we agreed to make sure that international climate change negotiations will reach an agreement s scheduled at the paris conference in 2015, and we agree to deepen clean energy and environmental protection and other areas. we reaffirmed our position to terrorism of all forms and agreed the intelligence sharing terrorist financing and will
8:21 pm
work together to remove the frappes of terrorists and extremists. we agree to make use of such channels as a meeting between the chinese public security and the united states a homeland security. we will crack down on crimes, fugitives hunting and we have reached a reciprocal arrangement on the visa for business travelers, turriss and stevens. we have agreed to issue five -- this will greatly promote people to make exchanges between our 2 countries and all hope to promote our exchange in the various fields and promote the
8:22 pm
bilateral relations. seeking common ground, exchanges with mutual learning and manage our differences and sensitive issues in a constructive voice so as to insure a steady growth. i told president obama that china has proposed asian security concept in may in order to encourage asian countries to build common security in an inclusive and corporative spread. i also said that the pacific ocean is broad enough to accommodate an allotment of china and the united states and we should work together to communicate to secure the nation. these are mutually complimentary efforts come in some of mitchell exclusive ones. china and the u.s. will enhance dialogue and respect and accommodate each other's concerns and develop inclusive
8:23 pm
coronation. also introduced to president obama, china's initiatives of infrastructure. ondrej pavelec infrastructure is the bottleneck of obstructing the developing nation. china has initiated it in order to offer support and reach infrastructure allotment. these initiatives are inclusive in nation -- nature. together, we can promote and shared prosperity in the pacific. we recognize the positive actions both have taken in helping african countries affected by the ebola virus to find -- fight against the disease. we will leverage our respective
8:24 pm
strength and work with the rest of the international community to help affected countries to strengthen capacity on health and academic prevention's so as to place the epidemic under control as soon as possible. i think president obama and the u.s. team for their support to china could be hosting 's hosti. promoting will economic recovery. china and the united states have worked closely on the negotiations of the iranian nuclear issue. we want to address issues and make political decisions so as to promote the conclusion of a
8:25 pm
comprehensive agreement. china is firmly committed to achieving that this denuclearization and to aim for peace on the peninsula. we intend that we should address this to a dialogue and negotiations. they should have active dialogue so as to communicate conditions for the relaunch. also to continue the exchange of the afghan issue. ladies and gentlemen, france, china is ready to work with united states to make efforts in a number of priority areas and put into affect such principles s nonconfrontation, not conflict, mutual respect. our unwavering spirit and efforts, we will promote new
8:26 pm
progress in building a new type model between the two countries so as to bring greater benefits to our countries. thank you. [ speaking chinese ] >> i now give the floor to president obama. >> thank you for welcoming me and my delegation to beijing and for the extraordinary hospitality that you and the chinese people have shown to me on this state visit. i also want to take this opportunity to thank the people of china for the warmth and kindness they showed my wife, michelle, and our daughters, as well as my mother-in-law when the king to visit china earlier this year. another sign of the enduring friendship between our peoples. this year marks the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations -- once said that we must seek truth from facts. on this anniversary, it is a fact that the past 3 1/2 decades
8:27 pm
have seen extraordinary growth in the ties between our countries. more trade, more collaborations between our businesses and scientists and researchers, more connections between the chinese and the american people from turriss to our students. it is a fact that when we work together it's good for the united states, it's good for china, and it's good for the world. as i have said many times, the united states welcomes the continuing rise of a china that is peaceful, prosperous and stable and plays a responsible role in the world. we don't just welcome it, we support it. for decades, america's engagement in the asia-pacific, including alliances and stabilizing presence has been a foundation for the progress, including contributing to china's remarkable economic growth. the united states has worked to expand trade and investment with china and to help integrate
8:28 pm
china into the global economy. we want that progress to continue, because as i said before, it benefits all of us. i believe that we have a common understanding about how the relationship between our nations can move forward. we agree that we can expand our cooperation where interests overlap or a line. when we have disagreements, we will be clear about our intentions and work to narrow those differences where possible. even as we compete and disagree in some areas, i believe we can advance the security and prosperity of our people and people around the world. that's my vision for how we can develop the relationship between our countries. that's the vision we have advanced during this visit, which has taken our bilateral, regional and global cooperation to a new level. i want to thank you for your leadership in fostering that kind of atmosphere of
8:29 pm
cooperation. first, we agreed on the importance of continuing to exercise to increase the trade that helps grow our economies and create jobs. more u.s. experts -- exports means more opportunities for american businesses, workers and farmers. we agree to work actively on a comprehensive, bilateral investment treaty with high standards. that provides the opportunity for chinese businesses to invest in the united states as well as opening up the opportunity for more u.s. businesses to invest here in china, creating china -- jobs for both our countries. we have reached an agreement to conclude that the information technology agreement, which will help us boost trade in the computer and i t products that power the 21st century economy. we agree to promote innovation in agriculture and food
8:30 pm
security, to help free the egg growing planet. our agreement to fuel growth and create jobs for americans and chinese. i told the president that we welcome reforms being discussed here that would give the market a defining role in the chinese economy. at the same time, i did emphasize the need for a level playing field. so foreign companies can compete fairly, including against chinese, state owned enterprises. especially against cyber threats. we welcome continued progress toward a market-driven exchange rate. second, as the world's two largest economies, energy consumers and emitters' of greenhouse gases, we have a special responsibility to lead the global effort against climate change. that's why today i am proud that we can announce a historic
8:31 pm
agreement. i commend the president, his team and the chinese government for the commitment they're making too slow, peak and then reverse the course of china's carbon emissions. today, i can also announced that the united states has set a new goal of reducing our net greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28% below to does a 5 levels by the year 2025. this is an ambitious goal, but it's achievable. it will double the pace at which we are reducing carbon pollution in the united states. it puts us on a path to achieving the deep emissions reductions by the advanced economies that the scientific community says is necessary to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change. it will help improve public health, grow our economy, create jobs, strengthen our energy security and will put both of our nation's on the path to a low carbon economy.
8:32 pm
this is a major milestone in the u.s. /china relationship. it shows what is possible when we work together on urgent, global challenges. by making this announcement today together, we hope to encourage all major economies to be ambitious. all countries, developing and developed, to work across some of the old abides so we can conclude a strong, global climate agreement next year. third, with respect to regional security, we agreed to a number of new measures to improve communications between our military is in order to reduce the risk of accidents or miscalculations on the seas and in the air. the president and i refer to affirm our commitment to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and we agree that north korea will not succeed in pursuing nuclear weapons and economic development that it can't have both. while the united states does not take a position on competing claims in the east and south
8:33 pm
china seas, i made it clear we do have a fundamental interest in freedom of navigation and the territorial disputes should be resolved peacefully and in accordance with international law. i congratulated the president on the initial contacts with the prime minister of japan to lower tensions with respect to that issue. i reaffirmed my strong commitment to our one china policy based on the three joint communication and the taiwan relations act. we encourage further progress by both sides of the taiwan strait toward building ties, reducing tensions and promoting stability on the basis of dignity and respect, which is in the interest of both sides. fourth, i welcome china's contributions to international security. this includes mutual support for a stable, unified afghanistan, our mutual interest in seeing that isil is destroyed, what we
8:34 pm
can do in other counter-terrorism activities, including those that were raised by president. we want to reach a comprehensive solution that insurers iran's nuclear program is exclusively peaceful. we agree that iran should seize this historic opportunity by making the tough choices necessary to achieve a lasting, a diplomatic solution. in addition, the united states is very appreciative of the important contributions in west africa in the fight against ebola. we agree to expand cooperation against infectious diseases more broadly and to promote access to electricity across africa. more examples of the differences we can make when we work together. and finally, i reiterate with president that the away from support for human rights will be an important element of our relationship with china, just as
8:35 pm
it is with all the countries that we interact with around the world. we had a very healthy exchange around these issues. the president gave me his sense of how china is moving forward. i described to him why it's so important for us to speak out for the freedoms that we believe are universal. rights that we believe are the birthright of all men and women wherever they live, whether it's in new york or paris or hong kong. we think history shows the nation's that uphold these rights, including for ethnic and religious minorities are ultimately more prosperous most successful and more able to achieve dreams of their people. in that context, i did note that we recognize tibet as part of the people's republic of china. we are not in favor of independence, but we did encourage chinese authorities to take steps to preserve the unique cultural, religious and
8:36 pm
linguistic ability of the tibetan people. in closing, i want to say that i am pleased that we continue to expand ties between our peoples to the new visa extension that begins today will bring new people to see the magnificent sights of china that will encourage more exchanges among our students. we welcome what chinese students to the united states than from any other country, and i'm proud that my 100,000 strong program breached more than 100,000 americans studying in china in recent years. with these visa extensions, it will give more students these opportunities. every day, our people are getting to know each other better. every day, our young people are forging from ships that will serve our countries for many decades to come. every day, some of the barriers of mistrust are broken down, mutual understanding is promoted, and that lays the
8:37 pm
seeds for cooperation, not just today, but for future generations. thank you again for your hospitality, for the candid and very productive conversations, for your posting of an excellent summit and for our work together. we must seek faxed -- truth from factss. the truth is that we have made progress today for the benefit of the world. the truth is that even more progress is possible, as we continue to develop this important relationship. i'm confident we will be able to do so. thank you. we have agreed to take a question from the press. [ speaking chinese ] >> thank you. now the two presidents have
8:38 pm
agreed to each take a question from the press. first, president obama will take a question from a member of the american press. >> mark from "the new york times." >> wears mark? there he is. >> thank you very much. my first question is to president obama. you have spoken a lot over the past few days about the potential of china as a partner for the united states and have concluded several agreements this week that attest to that. at the same time, there has been a surge of anti-american rhetoric in china in recent weeks, particularly in the state media. chinese papers that have fueled speculation that the united states is a black hand behind the protests in hong kong. my question is, whether you are
8:39 pm
concerned that this anti-american rhetoric could impede the kind of collaboration that you wish to have with china and to what do you attribute that? and if i may, because i want to make sure i grab my chance with the president of china, ask a couple of questions of him. mr. president, president obama has sketched out a strategic pivot to asia that includes shoring up alliances with american allies like japan and south korea, deploying marines to australia, negotiating a regional trade pact that at the moment excludes china. speaking up, as he did a month ago on territorial disputes between china and its neighbors, several months ago in shanghai you said that its for the asians to run the affairs of asia. i wonder whether you are concerned that the strategic pivot represents an effort to contain china?
8:40 pm
if i may, lastly, on a parochial issue, several news organizations from the united states have had issues with residency permits in china being denied, including "the new york times." i'm wondering, in the spirit of these visa reciprocal these arrangements that you have agreed to this week with business people and students, isn't it time to extend that sort of right to foreign correspondents who seek to cover your country? thank you both very much. [ speaking chinese ] [ speaking chinese ]
8:41 pm
[ speaking chinese ] [ speaking chinese ] [ speaking chinese ]
8:42 pm
>> we are having a little bit of a problem with the signal there, but we have been listening to president obama and the chinese president discussed their talks in the past couple of days, and we were getting some questions from the press. hopefully we can get that back so we can hear the response to that. some of the main things -- actually, we have it back. let's take a listen to the president. >> and i think it's fair to say that there are differences between the united states and china on a range of issues. i am a big believer in actions,
8:43 pm
not words. this summit, i think, is evidence of the value that china plays in the relationship between united states and china. [ speaking chinese ] >> i'm sorry, go ahead. [ speaking chinese ] [ speaking chinese ] [ speaking chinese ] >> on a whole host of issues at this summit, we have shown that u.s. /china cooperation can end
8:44 pm
up not only being good for the two countries, but for the world as a whole. [ speaking chinese ] >> and i do think that one of the benefits of a summit like this is the opportunity for a one-on-one conversations between the leaders of the two countries to break down some of the misperceptions and mistrusts that can build up over time. [ speaking chinese ] >> so, for example, on the issue of hong kong, which did come up in our conversations, i was unequivocal in saying to the
8:45 pm
president that the united states had no involvement in fostering the protests that took place there. [ speaking chinese ] >> that these are issues ultimately for the people of hong kong and the people of china to decide. [ speaking chinese ] >> but i did describe for him that united states, as a matter of form policy, but also a matter of our values, are going to consistently speak out on the right of people to express themselves and encouraged that the elections are transparent and fair and reflective of the
8:46 pm
people and their opinions there. [ speaking chinese ] >> and more broadly, our conversations gave me an opportunity to debunk the notion that you suggested, mark, just now, that our pivot to asia is about containing china. [ speaking chinese ] >> i have repeatedly reiterated and displayed through the
8:47 pm
actions of our administration that we want china to succeed. [ speaking chinese ] >> and we actively encourage our friends and allies in the region to foster a strong and cooperative relationship with china. [ speaking chinese ] >> so, as i mentioned briefly, we applaud the lowering of tensions between china and japan. we think that's good for the region and good for both countries. [ speaking chinese ] >> and so what you left out of the list of actions that we have taken in this pivot to asia is the multiple meetings that i
8:48 pm
have had with the president and his predecessor and the remarkable scope of agreements that we have reached to deepen economic, scientific, educational and security arrangements between the united states and china. [ speaking chinese ] >> in other words, a strong, cooperative relationship with china is at the heart of our pivot to asia. [ speaking chinese ] >> and if the united states is going to continue to lead the world in addressing global
8:49 pm
challenges, then we have to have the second-largest economy and the most population -- populous nation on earth as our partner, and the carbon reduction agreement that we just announced is a perfect example of why a strong u.s. /china relationsh/c is so critical. [ speaking chinese ] >> and just in closing, i want to say that although there have been tensions and disagreements between our countries, as is
8:50 pm
true with all countries, particularly large countries that have a lot of interests around the globe -- [ speaking chinese ] >> you have been listening to president obama and chinese president speak after holding bilateral meetings. president obama says the u.s. and china have agreed to cooperate on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and partner on clean energy technology. the chinese president says the country should work together on international issues. let's bring in steve clemens, washington editor at large for the atlantic. the president has taken heat from everything, from his wardrobe, to his love of chewing gum. now we are down to the nitty-gritty. did he make news on these agreements? >> this is an extraordinary,
8:51 pm
potentially legacy moment for the president that he is the age of pivot. this is 3d form. he is conveying that america is setting itself up 2 to trillions of dollars in asia as opposed to the mess in the middle east. it's an important moment in which he has put a very, very positive connection with china, and that's what he's been trying to achieve for several years. >> the money, referring to opening up trade more, making it even. >> i believe there is that, and the climate deal is a huge one. they have talked about very substantial reductions. that has been something slipping by. there have been a lot of fundamental trust. the downside of what we have just seen is that we will see other allies like japan probably costing a lot right now having watched this, wondering whether your united states has traded away anything in terms of the bilateral security relationships
8:52 pm
with japan and other allies in the region. fundamentally, this goes back to what the what bob zelnick said. they needed to become irresponsible, international steckel there. barack obama has put a stamp on the fact that china has become that. it really is a very important moment. >> we talk about china's responsibility, i want to dig deeper into these greenhouse gas emissions and the agreement they have come to on this. isn't this the first time that china has in fact agreed to pete co2 commissions? that is a huge deal. >> china has always argued that were the rest of the world has built its own growth on carbon, that it has legacy carbon rights that the rest of the world doesn't. by setting a cap on what it's doing and combining it with a commitment that 20% of its energy portfolio will be in renewable is a very strong
8:53 pm
statement. >> together, the u.s. and china accounts for a third of these emissions. >> it's an enormous amount per the world can't achieve anything that would make a substantial cut in reducing the rate at which the climate is changing and the world is heating up unless these nations agree. we have been dancing around it for a long time. people have been tweeting, are there real teeth in this or not? we have a historic moment between the two largest economies in the world committing themselves in what seems to be a very real way to this. i think you will find other agreements and other nations like india began to come on line. i do think that what john has done, he has played the role of the secret kissinger. it's an important thing. let's forget the gum chewing and limo staff and all of the salei commentary about the apec
8:54 pm
summit. >> as far as russia and prudent are concerned, was there any progress on that front during these talks? >> i don't think progress other than the fact that barack obama showed he is not putting all of his eggs in the ukraine basket, that russia is a strategic planner in the world. they need to see them talking with each other even if there is not broad agreement. we have areas where interests overlap and other areas like ukraine in which russia's behavior is something that deserves a response, which we are giving them. i think you are seeing leaders that are having problems, nonetheless behave relatively maturely. >> as far as president obama and chinese president discussions on the regional security, we heard a little bit of talk about bringing peace to the korean peninsula, but there weren't any details. what do you know as any real
8:55 pm
progress been made on that front? >> china doesn't have the same interests as the united states in knocking north korea around to get off the nuclear track. china has been sending signals privately and also on the economic front, where it is barred from north korea, various ports of exports that might fuel its nuclear program. it has been displeased on a variety of fronts. they have had missile test put that china was supposed to. they have been discussing behind the scenes that perhaps the track the united states took with iran, with some sanctions, some force and some way out might be something that the chinese want to try with us or with others in a subtle way with north korea. the iran medal might be applied to north korea. i think we have seen settled out lies of that.
8:56 pm
>> any more movement on this iran modeled? >> we will know november 24th. >> yeah. >> on that front, the big thing is, will iran give up or reduce the number of centrifuges that it has without a serious reduction, a lot of other nations will not come on board. i thought that the statement was okay on iran. it didn't really indicate the levers that china wanted to see iran push one win or another. they hope the political outcome and a win win would come in. china signaled it would not get in the way. that's important. >> the president mentioned that they had discussed working together, the u.s. and china, to destroy ices. have you learned any more details about that? >> i think that right now they are one of the strange entities that can't find anyone that supports it, but it continues to
8:57 pm
sell oil. it continues to sell antiquities and gets some funding from places throughout the region. it shakes down folks that it takes over and achieved about $20 million last year in ransom money from folks that isis' kidnapped. i think china is worried about all of the destabilizing effects that it could mean in a region in which you see china for the first time in a long time emerging with much more of a global sensibility that isn't just mercantile or about extracting resources. it's also -- i think that the interest in developing great power relationships and barack obama's, yesterday that we needed to take relations to a new level is the two of them are trying to find a new pitch.
8:58 pm
it seems impressive. i'm sure we will have lots to pick apart later. that is an important signal to send to the rest of the world, that the united states is not out of the game. that it and china can shake international affairs and systems and sculpt things in the world together that without that cooperation would not be able to do. >> when you talk about china's responsibility, both presidents mentioned joining together and this fight against ebola. it's a very interesting sense of progress, because it's always very mercantile. and now it's moving into a different realm. >> i have talked to people like donald and others who noticed that hits penetration and presence in south africa is so much more robust than america's presen
8:59 pm
presence. in that, china is not detached. it's very much within africa. i think what's interesting is that it's willing to turn the switch on and say, we have a will there to help africa, in particular, and the world deal with this. it comes back to things like viruses that have been hatched out of hong kong and china as well that have had will bolt pandemic concerns raging. i think that china is simply saying, we are not only going to help those abroad but be more responsible with our own seen as well. that's a welcome statement. >> a lot has happened during these talks. >> extraordinary amount of things. it's been shocking to those who have watched that compared to many summits. this has been one thing after another. >> a lot to talk about tonight.
9:00 pm
thank you for your insight in joining us. >> thank you. >> as we look back at this summit, and we have discussed, there have been a lot of issues. issues like trade, climate change and global security. president's next topic is man mark. after that, on to the g-20 summit. we will continue to follow it for you. democrats will continue to control the senate through the lame duck period until the new congress is sworn in. anybody short of a supreme court justice can be confirmed with a simple majority vote in the senate. democrats ve


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